For the setting of all common tilting door rods, Danger and marking rods, Security fences, barrier fences and snow guard fences, Explosive drilling in ice and snow as well as in frozen soil and debris. Thanks to the narrow helix, this drill ensures easy, clean and quick drilling and good removal of the drilling material. The special cutting edge geometry enables energy savings of 30 %. Suitable for brush grip and screw foot.
Speed: 2000 r/min.


ALU SPEED LIGHT is based on the aluminum body of our ALU SPEED ice drill. The light version only differs from the premium product in the design of the cutting head.

Fixed Tungsten Carbide insert with looking pin, TCT insert cannot get loose even in hammer mode, Can be resharpened any time.

Other diameters and specifications on request.

Guarantees safe carrying of drill - avoids damage to backpacks - highly durable compared to basic plastic tube pack (no thermal bridges) - avoids injuries while carrying - folds and fits into any ski jacket!

Product sheet

Includes configurations, sizes, cassettes & accessories

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