For drilling smooth and precise holes in soft and hard woods and laminates. For use in portable power drills and stationary boring machines.

  • CNC ground Offers high precision for absolutely sharp cutting edges.
  • Silver Solder Allows for considerably higher tensile strength on the TCT cutting edges and prevents chipping and detachment of the TCT cutting edges.
  • Select Carbide Only hight-quality carbide is used.
  • Perfect Concentricity Prevents unbalance (no vibrations) and ensures precise working.
  • Cutting Angle Optimised cutting edge geometry for the use for drilling in a wide variety of wood types and types of wooden boards.


DIN 7483 G, with center point, 2 cutters, 2 spurs, and reduced cylindrical shank. Other diameters and specifications on request.

Product sheet

Includes configurations, sizes, cassettes & accessories