Professionals chose ProFit hole saws due to the many benefits of the ProFit system.

We at ProFit are convinced that it can always be done faster, better and more easily. This is why we constantly develop new solutions.

For this reason, we have developed Click & Drill. This unique system makes removing the saw core and enlarging the bore hole easy.

Our multi-purpose hole saws drill up to 5 times faster and have a 10 times higher life cycle than conventional Solutions.

  • Multi Purpose ProFit is suited for all wood materials including hardwood, plastics, masonry, wall tiles, gypsum and cellular concrete.
  • Multi Purpose Long ProFit Multi Purpose Long with a drilling depth of up to 152 mm comes with the same functions as the Multi Purpose.
  • Multi Purpose XL ProFit Multi Purpose XL with a drilling depth of up to 330 mm comes with the same functions as the Multi Purpose.
  • BiMetal Plus ProFit BiMetall Plus (HSS-Co) with regular toothing is suited for metal with a thickness of less than 3 mm. Also available with combined toothing. We recommend HM Endura for greater drilling depths.
  • Clean Cut ProFit Clean Cut with a drilling depth of up to 52 mm, is suited for plasterboards.
  • Diamond Dry ProFit Diamond Dry allows for dry and clean work as it requires no cooling water. With built-in Click & Drill system from a diameter of 18 mm.
  • HM Endura ProFit HM Endura for metals with a diameter of more than 3 mm. This hole saw cuts through constructional steel 8 mm thick in less than 30 seconds.
  • HM Cutter ProFit HM Cutter is suited for all metals with a thickness of up to 5 mm. Ideal for stainless steel plate material.
  • Concrete Light ProFit Concrete Light with a cutting depth of up to 65 mm, is especially suitable for concrete up to a concrete strength of 65 N/mm².
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