“Kurvenformfix” is the new curved rail for bending and shaping forms for construction items. In contrast to the already popular “kurvenlinfix”, the “Kurvenformfix” retains its curved form. This is always of importance, if the 1:1 print and a contour are missing, so that the guiding edge of the “kurvenlinfix” cannot be set and at the same time screwed down on it. In certain cases the form must be gauged directly using the local construction item and at the same time retain its shape. A feature of the “Kurvenformfix” is its uniformly curved shape along its entire length. You can compensate for the smallest bumps and any previously set shapes by bending it in the opposite direction to the actual curve. Now you can mark the shape on chipboard, to “pick up” the next form (later the form can be milled with the “kurvenlinfix”), or screw-on “kurvenformfix” with the attached screws (pan head), mill the contour at the bearing ring – job done!



The „KURVENLINFIX“ consists of a highly elastic type of plastic which is tough but also flexible. The complexity of the manufacturing process renders “kurvenformfix” an intelligent interior life ( iiL) . The assembling of two tight-fitted opposite inlets guarantees uniformity in its shaping qualities. Therefore its possible to bend “kurvenformfix” over and over again.
Profile 22 x 22 mm incl. screws / pan head / 4 x 30 smallest radius: inside 60 mm / outside 80 mm.

Product sheet

Includes configurations, sizes, cassettes & accessories