For drilling splinter-free, true to size blind holes, for edge drillings and slant drillings in softwood and hardwood. The wavy peripheral cutting edge prevents the edges from wearing out. Easy and effortless cutting due to ideal cutting geometries.

  • Serrated Edge Considerably less heat generated and increased stability when the drilling direction is changed due to the patented serrated edge.
  • Large Chip-Free Zones Ensure perfect chip discharge.
  • Perfect Concentricity Prevents unbalance (no vibrations) and ensures precise working.
  • Shank with 3 Flats Prevents sliding through of the drill and ensures a long service life.
  • Forged Version Increased resistance.


DIN 7483G, with center point, with patented wavy periphery cutting edge, 2 lifters and shank with 3 flats, in premium quality. Other dimensions and specifications on request.
Up to 30 mm: Shank 8 x 30 mm.
From 32 mm: Shank 10 x 30 mm.