FISCH®-Tools is the exclusive ProFit distributor for Austria, Germany, France and the CEE region.

At FISCH-Tools we’ve made it our business to provide our customers with the best tools. This level of quality applies to all our drilling and milling tools, which are characterised by the highest precision and durability. What the FISCH® brand is to the drilling sector, the ProFit® brand is to the hole saw sector, which has been distributed exclusively via FISCH® tools in Austria and the CEE region since 2013. This enables us to provide our customers with the best hole saws the market has to offer.

The Dutch manufacturer Boorwerk specialises exclusively in developing premium, user-friendly hole saws. The globally patented, innovative and effective Click & Drill system differs from conventional hole saws in its user-friendliness, which makes work much easier.

  • allows different hole saws to be changed quickly
  • guarantees easy removal of the drill or saw core
  • ensures bores to be enlarged exactly
  • possible to saw even at extreme angles

ProFit hole saws are available in different versions and lengths and can easily saw wood, metal and stone. The products are optimally adapted to the respective requirements, which makes work significantly faster: Saw up to 5 times faster and get up to 10 times longer tool life, considerably reducing the cost per-hole!