The FISCH® brand and its history

The FISCH® brand originated in the early 19th century and was originally used to identify tools. Back then symbols were often used to identify tools. This could be a bear, a star or – as in the case of this brand’s origin – a fish.

At that time, trained blacksmith Johann Eberhard worked at Lapp-Finze (Roto-Frank today). After that – and before World War II broke out – he moved to Uray in Graz’ Korösistraße, a company that used the Fisch brand as an indicator for the origin of its wood drills. This company failed to establish itself on the market and thus he offered his skills as a blacksmith to Simmering Graz-Pauker. After the war, in January of 1946, Johann Eberhard became self-employed as a village blacksmith (horseshoe and wagon smith). During a private shopping trip – at Greinitz – a former colleague told him that the market has a high demand for tools, especially wood drills. He resurrected the sign of the fish and copyrighted the brand to start producing drills. This marked the birth of today’s FISCH® brand.

The brand which originally showed a carp evolved into an abstract fish over the years and was once more copyrighted as a word-and-image brand. In 1996 the colours “blue and yellow” were added as the basis of today’s corporate design to improve brand recognition and to standardise its appearance. 2002 saw the brand being introduced into the French subsidiary Fammab.

Having grown due to its history and tradition, the FISCH® brand now stands for extraordinary quality and precision on the market. As a specialist for wood drills and routers the first word that comes to mind when thinking of FISCH® is “sharp”. The key words of “precision, quality and hardness” describe the brand’s soul. Symbolically, the FISCH® brand is solid as a rock.