Strategy & Vision

Stringent quality standards as well as long-term, reliable and valued partnerships both with customers and suppliers are all important principles and values in the sustainable positive development of our company.

Our highest goal as a company is to satisfy our customers. Furthermore, we are aware of our responsibility as an important regional employer and offer our employees an attractive and stable working environment. The values which our family business embraces are firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy and shape our culture.


  • We respond to individual customer needs and their market requirements through all phases of product development.
  • We define the product requirements according to customer-oriented criteria.
  • We make our prices commercial and competitive – for our customers and for our Company.


  • We consider our staff as the company's most important resource.
  • We conduct continuous appraisal interviews to continuously improve our working environment and employee satisfaction.
  • We achieve maximum qualification and motivation through ongoing Training.
  • Through the careful use of our resources, we guarantee an increase in quality and environmental awareness.
  • We strive to keep all areas of the company clean and tidy.


  • We build long-term business relationships.
  • We evaluate our suppliers on their efforts to improve quality and environmental awareness.
  • We rely on cooperation based on partnership.


  • Continuous measures to improve quality, efficiency and productivity increases are an integral part of every step of the process.
  • We build on efficient, preventive quality management for active error prevention.
  • As a future-oriented company, we work with modern technologies and methods in order to offer our customers tools of the highest quality, precision and at the best price.


  • We continuously review our own corporate policy and the corporate goals derived from it.
  • Every employee of our company actively contributes to the maintenance and improvement of the management system.


  • We attach great importance to compliance with all relevant legal, administrative, safety and environmental regulations.
  • We deal with authorities, neighbours and the public with a spirit of trust.
  • We actively contribute to environmental protection through the optimal and responsible use of all resources.