Johann-Eberhard Gesm.b.H

FISCH®-Tools is a high-tech company. At our headquarters in St. Josef near Graz, Austria, we specialise in the manufacture of drilling and milling tools for industry, trade and commerce. Our expertise and core competencies include the development and production of tools for processing wood and "soft" materials such as plastics, composites and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium.

The foundations which form the basis for the production of over 2.5 million drills annually – at a consistent high quality – include expert knowledge, our specialists’ and employees’ many years of experience as well as continuously developing and making innovative products. One example of this is the new MULTI-FUNCTION WAVE CUTTER Forstner drill.

The latest innovation – the ultra-light ALU SPEED ICE DRILL BIT – opens up completely new industries and sectors for us. The lightweight ice drill bit is in demand primarily by the major ski slope equipment manufacturers, ski associations and tilting pole manufacturers in the USA and Europe.

The history of Johann Eberhard GmbH begins in 1946. Founded by Johann Eberhard, the family-owned company, which is now in its third generation, has developed into a globally operating pioneering company with an export quota of over 80%. The values and management culture of a family business combined with high innovative drive and continuous growth put the company at the top of the industry.

Today Johann Eberhard GmbH – FISCH®-Tools – is the largest manufacturer of premium forged drilling tools in Europe and is well established on the world market under the FISCH® brand.

  • 1946 Founded by Johann Eberhard
  • 1947 FISCH® trademarked
  • 1960 First exports to Germany
  • 1975 Construction of the first office building in Oisnitz
  • 1981 Construction and opening of the production hall in Oisnitz
  • 1984 Purchase of first CNC machine
  • 1985 Introduction of a comprehensive EDP system
  • 1986 Purchase of the first tool grinding machine
  • 1989 Takeover of general agencies for adjoining product ranges
  • 1990 Acquisition of Fammab S.A. in France
  • 1999 Award "most women- and family-friendly companie in Styria"
  • 1999 Opening of the new plant in St. Josef
  • 2000 Archduke Johann Research Award
  • 2002 Introduction of a quality management system
  • 2006 Acquisition of the company Händler SARL in France and certification according to ISO 9001:2000
  • 2006 On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the company is awarded the right to bear the Styrian Coat of Arms
  • 2006 ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • 2007 Further CNC machines bought
  • 2008 Production hall expanded and investment in highly automated production lines as well as construction of a new logistics centre
  • 2011 Certification according to ISO 9001:2008, Händler SARL in FR is sold
  • 2012 Helmut and Josef Eberhard receive the Parish of St. Josef’s Golden Badge of Honour. As part of this, the company’s previous address is changed to "Johann-Eerhard-Platz 1".
  • 2012 Construction and opening of the new company headquarters at Johann-Eberhard-Platz 1 in St. Josef
  • 2013 Takeover of general agency for Pro-Fit hole saws
  • 2014 Helmut Eberhard wins Handelsmerkur award
  • 2016 ALU SPEED ICE DRILL BIT wins Fast Forward, a Styrian prize for innovation
  • 2018 Certification according to ISO 9001:2015
  • 2018 1st place at the 2018 Week of Regionalism Awards: The jury's reasoning: The third-generation family business stands for regular innovation and international success through local know-how.
  • 2019 The Province of Styria awards Josef and Helmut Eberhard the Golden Badge of Honour.
  • 2020 Implementation of another Forstner Bit production line
  • 2021 FISCH-Tools / Johann Eberhard Ges.m.b.H. wins the Styrian Export Award in the "Medium-sized company” category
  • 2021 Purchase of new CNC machines for manufacturing
  • 2022 Award "Best Family Business in Styria"
  • 2022 Award "Primus" of the "Kleine Zeitung"