ÖSV relies on Styrian ice augers

The ultimate Alu Speed auger from FISCH®-Tools is used on all ski slopes throughout the world.

07. March 2017 in Sponsoring

“This is not just chance,” as managing directors Christoph Riegler and Andreas Eberhard are keen to point out: “On average, the standard ice auger weighs between one and a half and three kilos. The cutting edges must also be re-sharpened relatively frequently. Our worldwide patented innovation weighs just 500 grams, and sets a completely new standard in this sector.”

And the name Alu Speed auger is also a clever choice, then speed in the preparation of the ski trail, just as in the races, is also of paramount importance. “As the auger is so light, it can be used with one hand. When working on gradients of up to 50% or 60%, this is not insignificant” adds Eberhard. The multiple-use, hard metal cutting edges of the super drill are also a major selling point and ensure a significantly longer use in ice and snow. As Eberhard notes: “Our specially developed ring cutters cut through raw ice like butter. Because of the low power usage, you can drill a whole ski slope with a single battery pack. And on a downhill slope that amounts to about 15,000 holes.”

The Alu Speed auger has been on the market for exactly one year, and has taken the world market by storm.

Now, FISCH®-Tools has also been selected as the "Ice drill supplier to ÖSV". The sponsorship agreement with the Austrian Ski Association was signed in November, and has been agreed for a term of three years. The managing directors, Christoph Riegler and Andreas Eberhard, extend their best wishes to the athletes of the Austrian Ski Association for a successful World Cup season 2016/17 and for a successful result in the Alpine Ski World Championship in St. Moritz.

The two coaches of the ÖSV slalom Teams during drilling in Val d'lsere