FISCH®-Tools: Ice Auger for Switzerland

The Swiss-based ski association takes advantage of the ultralight ice auger made in Styria.

29. October 2018 in Sponsoring

Alongside the U.S. Ski & Snow, the Austrian (ÖSV) or the Polish (PZN) ski associations that already depend on the ultralight ALU SPEED ice augers from FISCH, now another skiing nation has also been added. At the beginning of the winter season, Johann Eberhard GmbH, the FISCH tools company, has concluded a 5 year contract with SwissSki as the official supplier of ice augers. Furthermore, the drill bit manufacturer from Styria will once again act as supplier and sponsor of the World Pro Ski Tour with the ALU SPEED product.

The joint Managing Directors of FISCH tools, Christoph Riegler and Andreas Eberhard, are looking forward to yet a further success: “Till the end of the 2023 ski season, the lightweight aluminium ice auger will be used alongside professional Swiss skiers, such as Lara Gut, Wendy Holdener, Loïc Meillard and Gino Caviezel, for training sessions and World Cup events.” The ice auger weighs just 500 grams and allows holes to be quickly and easy drilled for slalom poles, which are placed in the way of the ski stars during practice runs and World Cup races.

The joint Managing Directors are also able to announce the continuation of their successful collaboration in the USA: With the ALU SPEED ice auger, FISCH Tools will once again be the exclusive supplier and sponsor to the professional North American racing series, World Pro Ski Tour.

The ALU SPEED ice auger is a product innovation developed in Styria that has conquered the ski slopes both in America and in Europe. The ice auger is used in alpine ski sports for installing and repositioning slalom poles as well as the installation of safety nets. The ALU SPEED ice auger is ideal for use on steep slopes and is significantly lighter than conventional steel augers that weigh up to 3 kg.