The set of FISCH® Tools Decking Drills for pure wood constructions consists of four length-adjustable wood spiral drills for centric pre-drilling of bore holes, a chromium alloyed highquality plug-on countersink and an adjustable stopper for adjusting the depth of countersinks. This stopper is made of a high grade plastic and protects the tool surface from scuffs and score marks as the stopper has a bearing and will stop to rotate with the wood spiral drill on encountering resistance.

  • Only one stopper and one countersink for four different drill diameters - for more FLEXIBILITY.
  • Clean and tear-free sinkholes through optimized cutting edge geometry.
  • Perfect chip evacuation due to the new groove geometry.
  • The use of the second set allows covering screw heads by means of wood pins. Wood pins can be made from wood residual material using our pin cutter (part number 037301200).


Wood spiral drills and countersink are sharpened and made of HSS tool steel. They have a hexagonal BIT shank and are produced in one piece (neither bonded nor brazed); further they are specially hardened to withstand major loads resulting from e.g. the uneven rotation of cordless screwdrivers.

Product sheet

Includes configurations, sizes, cassettes & accessories