It is the only curve template which allows you to craft individual models fast, precise and clean. It is suitable for circular arcs, segment arcs or basket arcs as well as roundings. Generally speaking, the smaller the cross-section of the ruler, the smaller the radius and the larger the cross-section, the more uniform the arc of long and at the same time flat curves.

  • Kurvenlinfix 8x8 Picco Home ­improver, pattern maker, instrument maker;
  • Kurvenlinfix 12x12 Mini Home improvers, joiners, educational establishments, restorers;
  • Kurvenlinfix 18x18 Standard Joiners, educational establishments, body makers, interior decorators;
  • Kurvenlinfix 24x24 Medi Window fitters, stage builders, shop fitters, stair builders;
  • Kurvenlinfix 30x30 Maxi Carpenters, boat builders, formwork setters;


The „KURVENLINFIX“ consists of a highly elastic type of plastic which is tough but also flexible.

Product sheet

Includes configurations, sizes, cassettes & accessories